Agent Of Nang Presents: Nangtasm



more breaks than jackie chan & evel kneivel's bones combined. phat, phunky, dirty & squelchy breaks (though not necessarily in that order) are the order of the day here!


  • Shenaninganzier (August 2010)

    Shenaninganzier (August 2010)

    23/08/2010 Duración: 01h03min

    1) DJ FIXX & SPORTY-O: shake it sporty 2) MANU TWISTER: out of control (alternative mix) 3) DEENK: electrocramp 4) BROTHERS BUD: crazy jack 5) UNDER THIS: ever fresh (breaking news remix) 6) EIGHT BALL: preconception (kickflip remix) 7) THE BRAINKILLER: my electronic 8) S-LAB: mind games (loseyourmind remix) 9) PYRAMID & WIZARD feat YOLONDA: rain 10) THE FUNKRASH: latino 11) DUAL BOOT: crank it (ghettface remix) 12) BLAZER: toxic girl (beatman & ludmilla remix) 13) TCUBE PROJECT: pensilvania

  • Agent of Nang - Anger Shoes (July 2010)

    Agent of Nang - Anger Shoes (July 2010)

    28/07/2010 Duración: 01h05min

    1) Agent K & Bella: sierra leone (lunar shift remix) 2) Laurent Garnier: gnanmankoudji (kultur & colombo remix) 3) Neztic: stilacho 4) Kultur: a wicked tune (take 1) 5) Break The Box & Blatta & Inesha: basket shoes (somsay remix) 6) Bubu feat Jamy: bucawa project 7) B-Phreak: bulletproof 8) Kickflip: wonky science 9) Skool of Thought: villa funk 10) Hihat feat Mark Thomas: killer profit (kultur & colombo remix) 11) Dual Boot: trigger (triple agent remix) 12) Salt Bread feat Emma Greenfield: raggle taggle filth (parallax breakz remix)

  • Agent of Nang : Declaration of Waah (June 2010)

    Agent of Nang : Declaration of Waah (June 2010)

    29/06/2010 Duración: 01h02min

    1) Beat Assassins: stand up 2) Twocker: stitch (krafty kuts re-rub) 3) Slyde: move ya 4) Napt: narcotics 5) Farace & Stacy Osorio: what's golden 6) Beat Shaker: touch 7) Lady Packa: funk soul now (rektchordz remix) 8) Rex: evil buddha comb 9) Felix Stone feat Astra: solvent (youthful implants remix) 10) Orzels Machine: spaced 11) Refunk: it's groovy (boonos remix) 12) Flectric: leveler (ghettface remix) 13) the Brainkiller: new formula

  • Intelligent Snacking (May 2010)

    Intelligent Snacking (May 2010)

    29/05/2010 Duración: 01h07min

    Having developed a rather "healthy" gut over the winter and with the world cup just around the corner (with all the bar-b-q's and beer fests that it brings) it's been a major diet the last few weeks for the Agent of Nang and in respect of that this months podcast is titled "Intelligent Snacking". Although light on calories it's definately full phat! 1) Rennie Pilgrem vs Nine Lives the Cat: can't stop this 2) Tittsworth feat Kid Sister & Pase Rock: wtf (beat assassins remix) 3) Butter Party: flipper baby (projectiles remix) 4) Pimpwax: bass pumpin' (farace remix) 5) Robosapiens: bodies (hedflux remix) 6) Hedflux: mindcell 7) the Brainkiller: my show 8) Crisp Biscuit: sensation 9) Way Out West: apollo (general midi remix) 10) the Barinkiller & Wardian: a time in your future 11) Quadrat Beat & Abu: hula funk 12) Introspective: devil's theory 13) Slybeats: jiggaman pimpin'