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  • 18: Is the God Machine Broken -- Part 2 (with Nick Barrett)

    18: Is the God Machine Broken -- Part 2 (with Nick Barrett)

    21/03/2017 Duración: 28min Last week I shared some of my thoughts on storytelling and how Christian writers can convey a hope that is both miraculous and true to our human experience. This week I invited Nick Barrett, PhD student in theology and literature, to join in on the conversation. Listen in as Nick shares with us how Christian artists and writers have an opportunity to help a disenchanted generation see the world in a whole new way. As Nick states, one hopes that what literary art can and will do is invite people to rethink the world in different terms.

  • 17: Is the God Machine Broken -- Part 1

    17: Is the God Machine Broken -- Part 1

    15/03/2017 Duración: 06min

  • Passageway 4: Border Crossing Jesus

    Passageway 4: Border Crossing Jesus

    08/03/2017 Duración: 19min Today’s message is based on Acts 1:1-11 where Jesus calls his apostles to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. So given Jesus’ command, we who are his witnesses are to go outside the comfort of our own communities and circles and reach out to people on the other side. The witnesses of Jesus are to cross borders, but what usually ends up happening is that we tend to avoid borders and avoid those on the other side. Listen in as we discuss how to overcome our tendencies so that we may be the faithful witnesses Jesus would have us be.

  • 16: An Artists Calling (with Tod Bolsinger)

    16: An Artist's Calling (with Tod Bolsinger)

    07/03/2017 Duración: 22min What does it mean to be an artist and a follower of Jesus? For many years of my life I tried to figure out the answer to this question, and for a long time I ran into answers that were unsatisfying. It wasn’t until seminary that I grew more confident in my identity as a Christian and an artist, more confident that these two aspects of my identity were not at odds with one another but actually complementary to one another. How did I reconcile the Christian and the artist within me? Part of the answer is that I grew a better understanding of what a person’s vocation or calling is. I grew to understand that all of us are to love God and love people. This calling is universal. But the way we live out this calling is as vast and diverse as the individuals on this planet. So is there a unique way artists can answer God’s call? Absolutely. This week on the Artisan Tree Podcast, we have with us Tod Bolsinger whose expertise is in the Christian call. He leads the Vocation and Formation departmen

  • 15: An Adventure of Awe

    15: An Adventure of Awe

    16/02/2017 Duración: 25min Today we have with us visual artist Linnea Spransy, whose work defies definition and moves beyond the bounds of convention—a freedom that mirror and grow out of her life and faith. In a world where Christianity tends to settle into certain molds, it’s refreshing to hear from followers of Jesus such as Linnea who naturally live and work outside these molds. So listen in as Linnea shares how she came to enter an adventure of awe with her Maker, and how faith and art naturally flow from that adventure.

  • 14: A Debt Owed to Artists -- with Ken Fong

    14: A Debt Owed to Artists -- with Ken Fong

    26/01/2017 Duración: 22min Today we have with us Ken Fong, the senior pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles and the host of the Asian America Podcast. When I learned about Ken’s podcast, I was happy to find that many of his interviews were with artists of various kinds. Curious, I asked Ken why he has featured so many artists on his podcast. Listen in as Ken humorously tells us why he feels he owes artists a debt and why he believes artists can share with us something new about God.

  • 13: Of Hobbits and Scripture -- with Joel Green

    13: Of Hobbits and Scripture -- with Joel Green

    14/01/2017 Duración: 20min Many of you may know that the area of creativity I locate myself in is fiction writing—more specifically epic fantasy. And since I’m a pastor and student of the Bible, I’m always looking to find ways in which fantasy writing and faith can come together. Therefore, I was thrilled when I discovered that renowned Biblical scholar Joel Green is an avid Lord of the Rings fan. I invited him onto the program to see if his appreciation of Tolkien had any connection to his faith. I was greatly pleased with his response. So listen in as Dr. Green shares with us how the Lord of the Rings has shaped the way he reads the Scripture and how fantasy writers can serve their church communities through their talents.