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  • Retirement and Financial Steps at Important Ages


    During this show, we’ll examine some of the financial resources and possibilities that are available to you at the very important ages of 50 and 65.

  • Helping your parents with their finances


    During this episode, we’re going to discuss the steps you should take if you need to help your retired or nearly-retied parents, with their finances and financial strategy. We’ll also examine how some of the things you learn while working with your parents may improve your own finances.

  • Yes, You Can Save Money on Healthcare


    During today’s show, we’ll highlight the numerous ways you may be able to save money on healthcare while still ensuring that you’re receiving all the services you need.

  • So, You Want to Retire Early


    On this episode, we examine the 10 potentially critical things you need to know if you’re considering early retirement.

  • Should I Buy a House?


    During this episode, we’re going to discuss the benefits of buying a home, the benefits of not buying a home, and the benefits of being a long-term renter.

  • Eye-Popping Retirement Statistics


    During this episode, we’re going to examine financial statistics that may surprise you, scare you, or inspire you to readjust your own financial strategy.

  • Medicare Premiums and Your Retirement Strategy


    During this episode, we’re going to examine some of the financial changes coming to Medicare in 2021, as well as some general insights and advice into this essential retirement tool.

  • Your Financial Time Machine Is Already Here


    During this episode, we’re going to discuss some of the financial insights and lessons you’ve learned during your life and how you can put that information to work helping your kids and grandkids make their own financial strategies stronger.

  • Are You Ready for Inflation?


    Inflation is a concern for some people in retirement. Let’s discuss the current inflation news and then examine ways you can build a budget and a retirement strategy that may offer some degree of protection against inflation.

  • Grow Your Financial Garden


    During this episode, we’re going to discuss how you can grow the kind of financial garden that provides consistent retirement income while also stabilizing your finances long before you retire.

  • Find YOUR Retirement Lifestyle


    During today’s episode, we’re going to discuss some of the common preferred retirement lifestyles and what you can do to make one of them a reality for you.

  • Understanding 401(k)s


    During this episode, we’re going to really break down 401(k) so that listeners can gain a deeper understanding of their importance. We’ll also discuss way to maximize your 401(k).

  • Breaking down the Biden tax plan


    We examine some of the most significant elements of the Biden tax plan proposal and what some of its details may mean for your financial strategy in both the near term and the long term.

  • What the American Rescue Plan Means for You


    During this episode, we’re going to do a deep analysis of the recently passed American Rescue Plan. In our final segment, we’ll address some good post-pandemic budgeting options.

  • Surprising Retirement Facts You Probably Don’t Know


    During this episode, we’re going to illuminate some potentially surprising facts and figures about retirement. And, to make things a little more fun, we’re going to intersperse some fascinating facts about some of our most beloved movies.

  • What to Do Instead of Worrying about COVID-19


    The coronavirus disease has dominated the news cycle for the past few weeks and it’s not going away. Instead of letting that get you down, here are some things you can do to respond and prepare your retirement strategy.

  • How to Get Over Your Retirement Fears


    During this episode, we’re going to look at some of the common financial fears that people nearing retirement often experience and how they can be overcome. In the final segment, we’ll discuss how you can develop a savings target for retirement.

  • The Pros and Cons of Retiring on the Road


    During this episode, we discuss the various pros and cons of living full-time in an RV after you retire. For many people, life in an RV can be a grand adventure but there are potentially significant drawbacks.

  • Your Guide to Medicare (2020-21 Update)


    Do you have questions about Medicare? This episode looks at each of the different parts of Medicare: Part A, Part B and gives you tips and strategies for your Medicare and healthcare planning.

  • How to Stay Healthy and Enjoy Retirement


    When you’re planning for retirement, it can be easy to think of your retirement date as the ultimate goal. But the reality is, your plan should address your retirement lifestyle. After all, your retirement could last 20 or 30 years, so you should have a strategy for things like your health and fitness, socialization and travel. A comprehensive strategy can better position you to enjoy the kind of retirement you’ve always wanted.

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