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  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 051 Nurses can be Doctors TOO with Dr. Tameka,DNP

    04/02/2021 Duración: 01h14min

    hello, Hello, HELLO friends!   WE ARE BACK Y'ALL with Dr. Tameka N. Jones, DNP!   Dr. Jones is currently the Director of the Baylor Scott and White McClinton Cancer, Hillcrest Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center, and Acute Care at the Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest location in Waco, TX. originally from Greenville, MS. she received her BSN from Delta State University in 2001. Prior to joining Baylor Scott and White, she worked in various leadership roles at West Cancer Center for 5 years, including managing 13 clinics throughout TN, AR, and MS. and authoring/coauthoring multiple ground breaking cancer clinical research trials as director of innovative research. In 2018 she received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Masters of Business Administration from Union University. She then went on to achieve the NEA-BC certification in 2019.   Connect with 3 friends TALK: www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK    

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 050 with the News Mane of Memphis Jeremy Pierre

    21/01/2021 Duración: 54min

    Jeremy Pierre, news journalist/reporter/anchor The News Mane of Memphis Happy New Year Friends! We pray 2021 is treating you and yours well so far! For our first episode of the new year we decided to bring you our #SuperFriend Jeremy Pierre of FOX 13 Memphis... better known as #TheNewsMane. He reports to us live and on the scene (literally), and we're here for all the tea. As a seasoned news journalist/reporter/anchor, Jeremy knows how to interact and engage with his audience, and especially within the community, to get the scoop. Tune in as Jeremy fills us in on the great responsibility shared by media personalities and platforms alike to share unbiased truth and avoid fake news. Connect with Jeremy Pierre at: www.facebook.com/jeremypierrefox www.instagram.com/jp_lifestyle901 www.twitter.com/jeremypierrefox   Connect with 3 friends TALK at www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK    

  • 3 friends TALK 049 - SAVAGE TALK with Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley of the #BLAIRISMS

    24/12/2020 Duración: 01h20min

    SAVAGE TALK with Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley of the #Blairisms What do you get when you pair your favorite 3 friends together with the creative duo behind the #Blairisms brand of apparel...??? You can definitely bet on an uniquely SAVAGE experience!  On this episode we TALK, sip, stir, and spill the tea with Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley.  In 2016 they launched #Blairisms, an “Edu-tainment” lifestyle brand of affirmations that encourages self-care, accountability, self-advocacy, and above all else…LOVE!  As educators and entrepreneurs they believe that everyone can celebrate Black culture, support Black business, and live a life full of INSPIRATION, REFLECTION and LAUGHTER.  Find out about their latest ventures, the #SAVAGECHATSERIES and #BlaXellence A #SAVAGE Holiday Spectacular.  Can you guess which of the 3 friends Blair and Brandon label as SAVAGE??? CLASSY??? Or BOUGIE??? And RATCHET??? Tune in to find out! Connect with the Blairisms at www.instagram.com/Blairisms Connect with 3 friends TALK at www.

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 048 with the Soul of New Orleans Artist Terrance Osborne

    21/12/2020 Duración: 52min

    hello, Hello, HELLO friends! Do what you love and no one will ever have to motivate you - Terrance Osborne Our Super Friend and world renowned artist Terrance Osborne dropped in to TALK and paint the picture of what it's like to express his talents through color. As a native New Orleanian, Terrance's vibrant and unmistakable artwork has been showcased throughout the Crescent City and our distinguished alma mater Xavier University of Louisiana. His story and journey speaks of staying true and working in your passion. Tune in to learn how his upbringing and the mentorship from another local artist transformed him into the creator of everything from $50 lithographs to several Jazz Fest posters... from original paintings featured in his Uptown art gallery to the unforgettable mural alongside the downtown Hilton Hotel Riverfront.   Connect with Terrance on Instagram at www.instagram.com/TerranceOsborne Connect with 3 friends TALK on Instagram at www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK   Happy Holidays friends, Dr. Courtne

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 047 - COVID 19 Vaccine & your 3 fav Pharmacists

    11/12/2020 Duración: 49min

    Hey Friends! This episode is long overdue and right on time... just your favorite 3friends... and boy do we have plenty to TALK about! We're weeks (possibly days!!!) away from seeing the first FDA approved vaccines for COVID-19 in the US. We're super duper excited about sharing some key points regarding the vaccine's availability and distribution, dosing, and a brief overview of the process for approval. We're answering our #Friends questions LIVE and in living color. You don't want to miss this very informative episode... and of course, we've kept it fun and festive with #GirlTALK and a few rounds of getting to know your 3friends! Tune in and catch all these facts and fun with 3fT! Find your place in line NYT vaccine tracker https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/03/opinion/covid-19-vaccine-timeline.html Connect with 3 friends TALK: www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK Happy Holidays friends! Dr. Courtney, Dr. Leah, Dr. Sylvia

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 046 with Dr. Lauren, The Culinary Doc with ALL the Sauce!

    04/12/2020 Duración: 45min

    Hi friends,   We are back with Dr. Lauren, The Culinary Doctor... TALKing Essential Eating with the Cooking Queen Hey Friends! As we dive right into the holidays and all that good eating and dranking (yes, dranks!), your favorite 3friends knew it was time to TALK with "The Culinary Doctor", our Super Friend Dr. Lauren Powell.  Dr. Lauren is an accomplished family medicine physician, author, and expert on culinary medicine. She uses her knowledge and expertise to teach about disease prevention and the healing properties of food. Our Super Friend travels the country and uses her massive social media presence to combat and help end generational health issues, especially within the African American community.  This episode is a real treat to all the foodies out there, as Dr. Lauren drops tips about healthy holiday eating and everyday cooking habits that we can incorporate to keep us on the right path... especially with more days inside and limited activity outside due to the approaching winter months and pandemi

  • 3 friends TALK 045 - Dr. Audrey, Mental Health Maven & Game Changer!

    30/11/2020 Duración: 01h10min

    Happy Thanksgiving friends! We are grateful for the opportunity to share our Super Friends with you. The holiday season is so 2020ish this year (different and socially distanced)... so we decided to bring our Super Friend Dr. Audrey Townsel to the show for some mental health relief tips. Dr. Audrey, being a licensed clinical psychologist with 15 plus years experience, is one of our favorite experts on mental health and therapy associated with it.  As a private business owner and Regional VP for a correctional health care company, our Super Friend is intentional about meeting the needs of the community and educating to attempt to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Tune in as your favorite 3friends have some much needed fun girl TALK with Dr. Audrey, and learn how the importance of timing and positioning has played a significant role in her journey.   Connect with Dr. Audrey on  Instagram or check out her website www.calyxpschological.com Connect with 3 friends TALK at Instagram  

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 044 with LA State Rep. Royce Duplessis!

    24/11/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    hello, Hello, HELLO friends!   Were back with Royce Duplessis, Attorney and LA State Representative, Servant Leader for Our Millennium! As a public servant to his hometown of New Orleans, LA, our Super Friend Royce Duplessis proudly represents for a community that is often marginalized and underserved. 3friendsTALK was excited to sit down with this amazing attorney and State Representative and learn about his journey from Pontchartrain Park to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Representative Duplessis breaks down his mission and passionately describes how politics entered his life, and how he currently uses his platform to focus on important topics such as appropriate living wages for the working class, increased access to quality early childhood education, and smarter criminal justice policies. Will we one day soon see our Super Friend Royce and his family waving from the White House balcony??? Tune in to your favorite 3friends to hear all the TALK with our Millennial Leader and Political Partner Royce Dup

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 043 with Trainer & Chef Ingrid Clay - The Perfect Balance: Soul, Self, Fitness & Nutrition

    19/11/2020 Duración: 58min

    hello, Hello, HELLO friend! From KD 3rd flo' (if you know, you know ... XU rocks the house!!!) to world renowned certified celebrity personal trainer, competitive body builder, chef, nutritionist, and actress, our Super Friend Ingrid Clay gave your favorite 3friends plenty to TALK about!!! Our TALK with Ingrid highlighted some of our favorite topics... healthy living, food, exercise, food, living your purpose and sharing your God - given talents, food... did we mention food??? Super Friend Ingrid has used the knowledge she gained from her scientific background to transform the game of fitness and plant based nutrition, to help her clients achieve more effective and longer lasting results. Tune in as 3friendsTALK learns how Ingrid's personal philosophy that "fitness is all encompassing" shines through her business ventures, relating the balance between taking care of our soul and body. Get the deets as she guides us through good food choices, bootcamp, and booty building! Connect with Ingrid on instagram at ww

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 042 with Thriver Na'Diah Smith

    05/11/2020 Duración: 43min

    Hey friends, The difference between surviving vs. thriving is distinct.  To survive means to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.  Yet, to thrive means to grow, prosper, and flourish.  Our Super Friend Na'Diah Smith is the epitome of a THRIVER.  Since her diagnosis of Breast Cancer, Ductal Carcinoma in Situ at the age of 33, Na'Diah has used her journey through treatment and ultimately survival to advocate for and bring awareness to the fact that breast cancer can attack in spite of age, lack of family history, or genetic predisposition.  Our TALK with Na'Diah brings light to the fact that breast cancer awareness extends past October and should be a reoccurring focus for both women and men of all ages. Tune in with your favorite 3friends to learn how our Baddie Friend Na'Diah lives out loud without limits, while serving others and helping end stigmas around cancer - especially in the Black community. Connect with Na'Diah on Instagram on Instagram Connect with 3friendsTALK at I

  • 3 friends TALK 041 - Gueux Vote with Sukari Johnson

    29/10/2020 Duración: 34min

    Hello, hello, hello friends!  Welcome to Season 2! Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.   As we all know, this election is the most important we have experienced in our lifetime.  We are more than excited to share our conversation with the one and only Sukari Johnson, Chair of the Clayton County (GA) Democratic Party. Our Super Friend Sukari and her team help educate and inform voters about the electoral process on the local, state, and federal level.  During our TALK we discussed Sukari's passion for her community and her lifelong mission in encouraging engagement and participation in exercising our voting rights.  Tune in  as 3friendsTALK gets all the deets for strolling to the polls, driving thru to the polls, and mailing in our ballots  .

  • 3 friends TALK LIVE 040 - All the Tea with Dr. Nii, The Podcasters' Podcaster!

    29/07/2020 Duración: 01h19min

    Hello Friends, We're excited to interview our podcast coach and mentor Dr. Nii.  He made 3 friends TALK possible and so we had to interview The Doc for our final episode of season 1. Join the 3 friends TALK wrap party tonight at 8 pm CST www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK Dr. Nii Darko is a Board-certified General Surgeon who is pushing past the limits of the status quo. He hosts Docs Outside the Box, an Apple Podcasts Top 100 in Careers – where he highlights stories of doctors doing extraordinary things outside of medicine to inspire other doctors to think outside the box. Through his successful locum tenens business, Equal Access Health, physicians are empowered to have the lifestyle they deserve. Connect with Dr. Nii: www.facebook.com/drniidarko www.instagram.com/drniidarko https://www.drniidarko.com Connect with 3 friends TALK: www.instagram.com/3friendTALK www.3friendsTALK    

  • 3 friends TALK 039 - The MUA Alex, Beauty & Business Maven from Engineering to GLAM!

    23/07/2020 Duración: 53min

    Hey friends! The MUA Alex...Beauty and Business Maven Alexandra Butler evolved from engineering to makeup!!   Missy Elliott, Angela Rye, SWV...just to name a few of the clientele that our Super Friend on this episode, The MUA Alex,  has on her roster!! Alexandra Butler started her journey in industrial engineering and then flipped the switch to pursue her passion for beauty and makeup. This incredible story includes how following your passion will bring success no matter what!! Today, Alex is a world-renowned makeup artist, business coach, and an all-around joy to know. Tune in now for all things Alex!!!!   Connect with Alex via: www.instagram.com/themuaalex www.twitter.com/themuaalex www.instagram.com/themuaalexjourneytohealth www.facebook.com/AlexandraButlerMUA https://www.themuaalex.com/   Connect with 3 friends TALK via: www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK        

  • 3 friends TALK 038 - Dr. Eric Peters!! The pharmacist with all the Extra!! Founder of Lagniappe Pharmacy!

    15/07/2020 Duración: 54min

    Hey Friends!!   We are so excited on this episode of 3 friends Talk to catch up with our classmate Dr. Eric Peters! He started as a retail pharmacist who decided to venture out to open his own pharmacy.  Today, he has a chain of pharmacies..9 pharmacies across South Louisiana!!!!! He sharing tricks of the trade...Tune in now!!!   Connect with Dr. Eric www.instagram.com/dr.e.peters http://www.lagniapperx.com/   Connect with 3 friends TALK www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK  

  • 3 friends TALK 037 - Transform to Your Butterfly!! FLYing high with Dr. Alisha Reed!

    08/07/2020 Duración: 46min

    Hey Friends!!   12/23/2019 changed Dr. Alisha's life forever and she transformed into her new self with new purpose!! Alisha is a mother, pharmacist, and creator of FLY with Alisha Reed. She is inspiring all those around her about self love and how to be your best self while still having it all. The "original" Ms. Nola Bougie herself is still all things fabulous and all things New Orleans. Tune in now for her inspiring story!!!   Connect with Dr. Alisha    Instagram   www.flywithlish.com   Connect with 3 friends TALK Instagram            

  • 3 friends TALK 036 - The Real Dr. Drai! You betta ask somebody!! Thee Medical Mogul of Medical Moguls!!!

    01/07/2020 Duración: 01h20s

    Hello Hello Hello Friends! We are so excited about this episode!   WE are closing out Men's Health Month with an everything (in our Oprah voice) episode!  This episode has it all and Dr. Drai is going to teach us how to have it...Success, Money, and great Sex!! No really, Dr. Draion Burch is an Ob/Gyn, Business Mogul, and Sexpert!! He is the founder of Medical Moguls where he has coached and graduated many health professionals through his school to monetize their degree and build their brands. Tune in now for this fun, informative, and juicy Talk!!  O   Oh and #heyfriends head over to https://feelthemoment.com/discount/3FriendsTalk to feel the moment for 25% off for our friends only!     Connect with Dr. Drai on facebook www.drdrai.com www.feelthemoment.com   Connect with 3 friends TALK at www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK    

  • 3 friends TALK 035 - Back by Popular Demand! Dr. "All Eyes" ...Its Dr. Larry Ferdinand!!

    25/06/2020 Duración: 01h09min

    Hey Friends!!   Our Super Friend Dr. Larry is back on 3 Friends Talk..or as he would call it "4 Friends Talk" when he is on the show!! The last time Dr. Larry was on the show, he was sharing his journey recovering from COVID-19. He is a survivor and back to talk "All Eyes". He is an accomplished ophthalmologist, author, and creating very special blockers for your peepers!!   Tune in now for the Talk!!    Connect with Dr. Larry  www.instagram.com/drlarryeyemd   Connect with 3 friends TALK www.instagram.com/3friendsTALK      

  • 3 friends TALK 034 - Dr. Delwin, The Swole Pharmacist on the Path to be the Next Mr. OLYMPIA!

    21/06/2020 Duración: 01h22min

        Hey Friends!! On this special Father's Day episode, we had a jam-packed episode with our Super "Swole" friend Dr. Delwin. He's a Pharmacist and Novice Body Builder on his way to compete in his first fitness competition. Dr. Delwin graduated with his PharmD from Xavier University of Louisiana and is now an accomplished Managed Care Pharmacist. Not only is he sharing crucial info for students and pharmacists to start a career in managed care, but how to follow your passions. Dr. Delwin is passionate about health, wellness, and physique. With motivation and heart, hear how he is taking his physique to another level!!   Click the link to connect with Dr. Delwin on Instagram   Click the link to connect with 3 friends TALK on Instagram  

  • 3 friends TALK 033 - Mr. Jonathan Love of The Love Institute

    17/06/2020 Duración: 01h10min

    hello, Hello, HELLO friends, We got that new new!! Mr. Jonathan Love of The Love Institute  The Magic of Speech Pathology    Hey Friends! We are starting Men's Health Month celebrating our dear Super Friend Jonathan Love. He is a graduate of thee Xavier University of Louisiana. He decided early on to be a Speech Pathologist after being diagnosed with his own speech disorder at an early age. He overcame his personal hurdles and is now helping children and adults to talk the Talk!! J-Love founded the Love Institute to offer opportunities for those who seek assistance needed to conquer speech disorders caused by hereditary traits or trauma. Tune in as J-Love talks his language to 3 friends Talk!   Connect with Mr. Love on Facebook www.theloveinstitute.org Instagram    

  • 3 friends TALK 032 - Dr. Ashte Collins, A Genius Among US!

    11/06/2020 Duración: 01h10min

      Hey Friends!   Super Friend Dr. Ashte Collins joins 3 friends TALK to educate the masses on all things kidneys.  Kidney stones, kidney disease, kidney failure, dialysis, YOU NAME IT!! Dr. Collins will get you right! He is a genius indeed.  He's the Director of the George Washington University’s Division of Kidney Disease and Hypertension. This is no surprise to 3 Friends Talk, as he is also a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. As he was able to grasp the concept of our studies with ease, he was the friend helping friends tutoring in the study room when needed. We love the homie Dr. Ashte! Tune in now!!      Connect with Dr. Collins  Facebook   Connect with 3 friends TALK Instagram    

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