Fate Shifter - Surge of Magic - Book 2

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To live, they have to be apart. To be together, one of them will die.

They are childhood sweethearts. Computer hacker Lorcan can steal data from the most impossible of sources. High profile thief Orla specializes in acquiring valuable antiques. Their combined skill set twists their fate and leads them to incredible places across the multiverse.

And it all starts with one thing: a cursed love.

She believes in karma. He believes in science and logic. If given the choice between killing and stealing, she'd choose to steal. Forced to choose between money and freedom, he'd choose freedom.

Love. Magic. Sacrifices. White Curse offers you a story of Romeo and Juliet in the paranormal world with a satisfying and happy ending.

This is the first installment in a romantic fantasy thriller series, filled with psychic romance suspense, paranormal, and science fiction twists and turns!

*Previously published as Spectrum of Lies


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