Never Dance With A Bobcat (Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure, Book 5)

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Nathan's got a real job for the summer — he'll be helping Push-Bill Horn freight supplies to the booming, brawling mining town of 10, Nevada. However, his dog Tona's disastrous fight with a bobcat on the second trip out thrusts Nathan into a dilemma. He wants revenge. And he desperately wants to save Tona's life. Will he take Push-Bill's advice to do the kind thing and put Tona out of his misery? Then, later in a chilling face-off at gunpoint, Nathan confronts two bushwhackers intent on stealing his gold. He also meets new friends: the six Rialto sisters who are trying to make a go of a ranch by themselves. This complicates his relationship with his good friend, Leah.