Over the Minister's Knee, Darling: My Bossy Wife’s Humiliating Spanking Before the Congregation

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Over the Minister's Knee, Darling: My Bossy Wife’s Humiliating Spanking Before the Congregation: An ENF, Submissive Female Erotica. Mark Phillips is one frustrated guy. It’s bad enough that his wife Diana has grown ever more bossy, demanding, and controlling over the years. But to have her bossing him around even in the bedroom—as in: lights out, no-frills, missionary style, and very infrequent sex—is just killing him!

And now she’s gone and joined some lunatic church whose hardline minister, Father Maurice, is as old-world, fire and brimstone as it gets. Worse, she wants Mark to join, too—claiming that he could use some improvement in the morals department, referring to Mark’s increased obsession with sex. Well, he wouldn’t be so obsessed with it if he had it more often and with more variety.

And if Diana wasn’t so gosh-darned gorgeous.

Well, against his better judgment, he joins the church—just to keep her off his back about it. And, as a new member, he is required to fill out a six-page questionnaire that asks all kinds of personal questions—even about his married life. So, hey, he tells the truth. In comprehensive detail, he describes Diana’s controlling, bossy, demanding ways.

Big mistake.

At the following week’s service, Father Maurice tells the whole congregation all about it and then goes off on a rant about how the husband is supposed to be in charge and how Diana is violating the creed of their religion.

And then he shocks the hell out of them when he declares that Diana is to receive a spanking for her sins—right there…in church…in front of everyone…over the minister’s knee! And yes, Diana will be quite exposed in the process.

Exposed, embarrassed, submissive, and dominated.

But that’s not all. Next, he invites Mark to have a turn at teaching his wife right from wrong. And it turns out to be the most titillating experience he’s ever had—by a mile. Having her over his knee before the entire congregation is a thrill beyond anything he could have ever imagined. And, as was intended, it puts him back in complete control of their relationship.

So, just imagine what happens when this newly empowered dominant male does when he gets her home!

Fans of submissive female erotica, spanking, Candaulism, and humiliation, this story is for you! Amen.