10 Short Stories Volume 3

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This anthology contains ten quirky and mostly humorous short stories. It contains the following stories:

  1. Jared Pond and the Temper Complication.(Jared must use his talents for gambling and philandering to post bail for an ill-tempered Australian tennis player.)
  2. Jared Pond's First Mission.(Jared is hired by RAKI to stop a female Russian agent from posting pictures of her and the Australian Prime Minister)
  3. Jared Pond and the Yakuza Connection.(Jared must meet up with a Japanese agent to stop the Yakuza from murdering Japanese Emperor)
  4. The Soccer Date (Geoffrey is asked out by the prettiest female soccer player in the competition. But does she have other plans for Geoff?
  5. The Pursuit of Dangerous Dave's Treasure. (The protagonist arrives at Dangerous Dave's Farm and finds out that he is not the only one looking for Dave's Treasure)
  6. Jared Pond and the Swedish Fish Factory. (Jared travels to Sweden to stop a group of Norse religion zealots from smuggling drugs to Australia.)
  7. The Disgruntled Soccer Terrorist. (A bored triple zero operator decides to stop a terrorist who plans to bomb Sydney because of Referee Lundgren's shoddy refereeing calls)
  8. Jared Pond and the Quirky Malaysian Agent (Jared meets up with a time-travelling agent and accidentally blows up the Malaysian consulate(..
  9. Kingsley's Quest in India. (Lord Kingsley is driven insane his opium addiction and falls in love with an imaginary woman)
  10. Jared Pond and the Tamil Guru. (Jared Pond travels to Sri Lanka to secure a shipment of premium tea for Prime Minister Scurry Morrissette)