Incendiary in a Kilt

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He's brilliant, quirky, fearless, and scorching hot.

I want Errol Murdoch—as my business partner, nothing more. The man has traveled the world searching for things no one else can find and solving riddles no one else can crack. Only a treasure hunter like him can help me find a hoard that archaeologists claim doesn't exist. I have my reasons for fighting to prove them wrong, and I won't stop until I've succeeded.

Errol is explosive in so many ways, but his hot body will not distract me from my goal. No way.

Ashley Hartman wants me, badly. All right, maybe she meant she needs me to find the Grand Canyon treasure for her. But she cannae keep her lips off me—or her hands either. Aye, she's beautiful and sexy. But I'm burned out on dangerous missions. No, I will not shag her or go on her barmy expedition.

One bloody fantastic kiss won't change my mind. Well, probably not. This might be the most insane hunt I've ever considered going on, but it could also become the most exciting adventure of my life.

Incendiary in a Kilt is the twelfth book in the bestselling Hot Scots series of contemporary romances. 


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