Natural Obsession

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Step into the world of Au Naturel Nights, where the hottest things happen after dark.

Doing the right thing made me a pariah and ruined my life. Thankfully, my new job takes me far away from my home in the UK. I've become the general manager of the Au Naturel Naturist Resort South Seas, a new adults-only resort on a private island in the Pacific.

Naturist means nudist. I keep my clothes on, but the guests don't.

That fact never bothered me until she arrived. Holly Temple has a sexy body and a sweet smile, but she's young enough to be my daughter. I shouldn't want her. But I need to possess her, need it so badly I can't breathe—or think rationally.

On the night of our inaugural masquerade party, I do the unthinkable. I shed my clothes, put on a mask, and seduce the woman who has bewitched me without speaking a word to her. The next night, I slip into her suite and do it again.

Now I've resolved never to touch the girl again. But Holly is relentlessly determined to push me over the edge, and my willpower is crumbling.

Self-control is my specialty, but so is self-destruction.

Natural Obsession is the first book in the brand-new Au Naturel Nights series of sizzling-hot contemporary romances inspired by the bestselling Au Naturel Trilogy.


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