Hero in Darkness

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It's crunch time for Jonathon Hunter. The Darkness War has begun.

His nightmares led him to the edge of death, waiting for darkness. Prophecy will not be denied, and the nightmare seemed to suggest all would go black. But is a nightmare something you can really rely on after all? And when you've seen the future, is that all there is? Does it have to go that way?

Finding out the truth can sometimes be worse than your worst nightmare ever was. The biggest fleet since Jutland is ready to fight the longest rear-guard action ever fought, but does it need to? Can victory happen in spite of knowing you lost the future? Darkness has come, but why was it called the darkness? Is it actually important?

Life is important, but who made Jon the one to choose who lives and who dies?

A hero can't save everyone, not even the Hero in Darkness.


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