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Nick Copeland has lost his mind only twice in his forty-eight years-once in college on a bad acid trip, and once at this very moment, as the mountain of bills he's been hiding from his family finally topples. But Nick's chance meeting with an old friend, Rob Johnson, pulls on the memory wires. Rob-who's already lost his wife and job-seems resigned to a life of basic cable and Chinese takeout. Suddenly, the answer to their problems arrives: two airtight jars of high-grade heroin they'd buried under the football field of their old college campus.

Returning to the scene of the crime-that-never-happened seems like a cinch-that is, until Nick takes a trip down Memory Lane and a sharp right turn on Law Enforcement Drive. This is not the beads-and-bellbottoms of their youths, but maybe the Stones were right, anyway: you can't always get what you want.

Tarantino meets Mamet in this action-packed trip from the prolific literary novelist J.P. Smith.


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