Is There in the Brain Anything Untouched By Culture? Brockwood Park and Gstaad 1975 - Dialogue 9

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"Is there in the brain anything untouched by culture?" - 6 August 1975

  • Can there be a total perception which completely heals the brain?
  • What benefit has culture?
  • Does speech come before thought?
  • Is it possible to say something without the operation of thought?
  • Is there in the brain anything untouched by culture?
  • Is attention a conscious process?
  • Is love the factor of profound change?
  • You explain all this, and you say that whatever the damaged brain – which is the result of thought and tradition and all the rest of it – whatever it does will produce further damage. So, because you point it out, I realise that. That is the first necessity – I realise it. Then, after I’ve realised it, you talk to me at a depth which thought has not touched. You planted a seed.