Jonathan and his Times

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In Jonathan and His Times, W. W. Fereday examines the life and times of Jonathan, son of King Saul. Although a man of faith who loved David as his own soul and performed many daring exploits in the name of Jehovah, he was a man of mixed principles, a double-minded man who never lived up to his spiritual potential. Jonathan's weakness is clearly shown: He was not prepared to follow David in his rejection.

Fereday explains, "The Spirit records the weaknesses and shortcomings of those who have trodden the path of faith before us, for our present instruction and blessing."

We are here exhorted to review our Christian path. "What have we really surrendered for the One we profess to love? What cherished idols have we abandoned for him? To what extent have we shared his rejection? Jonathan parted with David in the time of crisis; do we find it difficult to give the Lord Jesus Christ the place of absolute supremacy in our hearts and lives?"

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