Moving On

Abandoned to starve or freeze, young Nell had to be tougher than most men and bolder than most women — otherwise death was certain.


She was Wyatt Earp's woman. He tried to protect her, but the battle at the OK Corral was the beginning of the end.


Susannah is a yello-haired beauty, the dream of every man for fifty miles - but forbidden love tempts her. If she'd known of the violence to come, she wouldn't have been so...

Aunt Addie and the Cattle Rustler

She ran her husband off the ranch; put the kids to work - now Addie needs more cattle. She can't afford them, but there's another way.

Belle Starr's Race Mare

“Sometimes,” Belle Starr reflects, “you got to use your brains. Sometimes you got to go for the dream and never mind what anybody thinks or says. Life's pretty short. If I...

Corrido for Billy

Billy the Kid was hiding at the Maxwell Ranch at Fort Sumner, New Mexico, when Pete Maxwell, concerned by the attentions being paid to him by his sister Paulita got a message to...


The old Apache sat quiet as stone - until a local tough challenged him. Big mistake. Never mess with a warrior who's tasted blood.


She rode over us, not caring who was hurt. When the old playboy died the truth came out - about who was the strongest and smartest person in Horse Creek.

Old Pete

To Old Pete's owner, it had always seemed that Pete would be the first to go. At thirty years of age, it even appeared likely. But now Old Pete's owner is confined to a hospital...

Greywolf's Hoss

One crazy morning in the deadest place on earth, the local bum shows up with a gangly underfed horse - and challenges all comers to a race! Only an old drunk will bet on him. What...