The Frog Prince

A promise is a promise and should be kept. This is what the King taught his daughter. When she kept her promise she was well rewarded.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

What a secret the princesses held. They were very witty in their concealment. Would anyone succeed in discovering the truth?

The Rats of Hamlintown

The rats were bad in Hamlintown, but so were the elected officials. Can the Piper rid the town of all of them? He will sure try.

Puss in Boots

There is great advantage in receiving a large inheritance, but diligence and ingenuity are worth more than wealth acquired from others. This is the lesson learned by a cat in...

The Fortunes of Moti

Moti was a big strong boy but he was also so clumsy and broke so much things at home that his father gave him money to leave.Horse traders stole his money, so he stole their horse...

The Brave Little Tailor

A few simple words and a tricky mind made big changes for this tailor.

The King of the Mountains

This is a Bolivian folk tale about Patchikamek, the king of the world, and how the Condor became king of the birds.