Brent Brown

Songwriter/Producer Brent Brown's podcast featuring the coolest musicians possible.

Brent Maclean

The Cyber Crime Report. The show that discusses and educates the public about online and offline security recommendations in today's world. The show that deals with computer...


These men don't build bridges... They bury bodies. I fell for the enemy.A man whose actions resembled the devil so closely it was sickening.But I learned from my mistakes.At least...


This is about growing up and trying to figure IT out. Everyday gives us a new adventure, and as each day passes I feel as though no one really knows whats going on. So lets talk...


He’s a man in danger of losing his self control…Cole Doucet has a job to do. Protect the starlet at any cost. But who’s going to protect her from him?She’s a woman in...

Rant With Brent

A no nonsense, straight to the point podcast about programming.

Cole Roseth

Welcome to the Cole Roseth podcast, where amazing things happen.

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