A Rare Recording of Ezra Pound

Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (October 30, 1885 - November 1, 1972), born in what is now Hailey, Idaho, was a major American figure in the early modernist poetry movement, and...


Challenging verse-by-verse teaching of scripture from www.versebyverseministry.org


Studies through the book of Ezra.


The JPS TANAKH: The Jewish Bible, audio version is a recorded version of the JPS TANAKH, the most widely read English translation of the Hebrew, or Jewish, Bible. Produced and...


Ezra, narrated by Daniel David Jensen, from The Holy Bible, Old Testament, Authorized King James Version.


After decades of exile and bondage, the time finally came for Israels restoration. The Lord was determined to send a remnant back to Jerusalem, and He equipped the people for the...

Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report

Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report is a blog, weekly G+/YouTube show and podcast that discusses all things Boxing.

Pounds & Pence

Pinnacle Group Chief Financial Officer Christopher Hodson presents Pounds & Pence, a podcast about all things finance inside Pinnacle.

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