Jason Brueckner

My friends and our stories.

El Divino Jasón

El divino Jasón es un auto sacramental de Pedro Calderón de la Barca, género en el que llegó a alcanzar la plenitud, al combinar a la perfección con su talento natural,...

Couch Grouches

Jim, Joe, and Gonzo explore Geek Culture. Kinda Vague? Maybe. But only Sith deal in absolutes.

Couch Surfers

Welcome to the Couch Surfer Podcast! We enjoy spending too much time on the internet and talking about all the weird and wonderful things we find there. Join us as we play games,...

Couch Crunchers

4 fanboys who want to ensure Superheroes, Sci-Fi & Fantasy stay relevant in mainstream culture by declaring our battle-cry "Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...Unite!!!"

Couch Life

A Podcast about anything and everything. From Game of Thrones to the NBA. We're obsessed.

Podcasting Couch

Every so often, Miranda and Jon, the proprietors of Casting Couch, get together with a few guests to discuss some songs they like. That's...

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