Red Door Church

I AM The Gate And The Shepherd



Preacher: Jonathan Smith Reader: Graeme Miller In today's message we look at where Jesus says he is The Gate and The Shepherd. Self-serving shepherds (pastors, priests, leaders) have done great damage to the People of God from the Old Covenant to the present day. Jesus, The Good Shepherd, lays down his life for his sheep. The problem here is, if he has died for his sheep, what's to stop his sheep from then being devoured by the wolves, etc? The answer is Jesus not only chose to lay down his life, but he also had the authority to to take it up again, which he did - and thus he continues to save the sheep. PLEASE NOTE: During the recording of this message, there were some minor technical glitches, which results is some moments where there is no audio. We apologise for this issue. Red Door is an Anglican Church in Melbourne, Australia. We exist to be a community of people helping people make all of life all about Jesus.