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The Controversial Boy Shiatsu interviewed by Famous Manila Gay Guy



Kenneth AKA Boy Shiatsu - Blogger Boy Shiatsu is very famous in blogging industry due to his way of writing. His articles are from his experiences as a masseur. Not surprisingly, he used “Boy Shiatsu” as screen name to hide his identity online so that he can barely express his feeling w/o any hesitation. He writes his post mostly coming from deep within. He conveys his reader to stay reading his article through the usage of meaningful and emotional Tagalog words. “Boy Shiatsu” is a word meaning a man performing a massage (Boy as Man and Shiatsu is a style of massage) . He became a famous blogger due to the fact that he writes controversial topics about his way of living, about how he handle his scarce life and he manage his life - meeting with random clients.  Boy Shiatsu or simply Kenneth is a gay and every gay are interested to his life. Click here to visit his blog. Migs of Manila Gay Guy Blog Meanwhile, Boy Shiatsu is featured in an interview of a podcas