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interview with Dr.'s Darwin and Karen Perkins


Sinopsis Since Darwin’s first training session in 1978, the Doctors have been helping participants & organizations recognize & fulfill their potential. Both Dr. Darwin and Dr. Karen do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with organizations & individuals, and utilizing real world experiences. They began their careers on the belief that people have the desire & the ability to grow. Everyone needs someone who can identify their missing information & deliver it in a way that’s understandable, acceptable, and meaningful to them personally. Over the past three (plus) decades, the two Dr. Perkins have trained, coached and mentored more than 600,000 individuals worldwide. As a result, these same people have had great success in their personal growth, improved their communication & relationship skills, and have grown in self-esteem & confidence. Most of these individuals have improved their work performances, annual reviews, enhanced their company’s bottom line & improve