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Get Your Sexy Back with Stefani Ruper



In this call, Stefani and I discuss: We will be discussing: -The role hormones play in feeling sexy, losing weight, and being happy and how to get them working for instead of against you. -How to eat to look and feel sexy (without spending hours in the kitchen or draining your bank account). -How to navigate birth control options, rescue low libido, eliminate menopause symptoms, and regain fertility! -How to unravel the damage the media and beauty industry have done to your perception of your beauty. -Why self-love and acceptance is more powerful than any weight loss drug on the market. -How to unleash the true, radiant, beauty that lives within you for the whole world to see! -What to do about sugar cravings. Here are the links we talked about on the call tonight: "Sexy by Nature": Paleo Cooking at Home Info: School of Inner Beauty Info: http://www.schoolofinnerbea