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The Fantasy of Romantic Relationships with Axel Anderson



As you know if you've been following along the last several months, I have been learning some big girl lessons about what it takes to create a happy, successful, lasting relationship. Many of us, myself included, have at one point or another taken on the notion that simply finding "the one" will complete you. Thanks again to Jerry Maguire for further perpetuating that one. The first step is usually to determine what a great relationship IS NOT: it is not going to rescue you, not going to save you, not going to make you whole. No matter how adamantly the endorphines protest and fool you into thinking otherwise, your prince/princess charming will at some point turn back into a toad. And as my guest reminds me, for those of us who are truly interested in being directed by and grounded in spirit, it simply can be no other way: our relationship with ourselves and our source must BE THE SOURCE of our love. We cannot get love from another, though we may desperately try. If we could, we wouldn't need God, and that