Paleo, Love & Transformation

Soulmates, Self-Love, Value & Contribution with Jennifer Horton



This was quite an episode, my friends! Jennifer and I talked about a wise array of topics including (and not limited to): The underlying cause of body image and eating disorders is a fundamental lack of mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment. Your body is the last to show malnourishment.  Identifying and living your life purpose brings self-worth and can dissipate eating disorders and self-hatred. Soulmates and sacred contracts, and how they contribute to the evolution of our unique life purpose and path.  Shifting out of victim mentality and into gratitude and responsibility. Learning to give and receive and the student/teacher cycle. Strength in vulnerability. Learning to connect with self and others. The sexiest thing a man ever said to Jennifer (pay attention men). Learning to make yourself your #1 investment (where you spend your time and money is critical). Show Notes & Links: Jennifer's Website "I Am" Documentary"Wake Up" Documentary "Sacred Contracts" by Caroline Myss"Anatomy of t