Paleo, Love & Transformation

Cory Michelle Johnson on Loving Your Body, Being Yourself & Dropping Judgement



What would your life be like if you could LOVE & ACCEPT yourself just as you are and just as you are not? What if you didn't give a poop what anybody thought about you? What if you could love your body no matter your size or shape? What if you could release all judgements you have about food? What if you could simply ask questions of the universe day to magnetize everything you've ever wanted AND MORE?!?!? Access Consciousness facilitator and business guru Cory Michelle Johnson approaches things...differently than most. In this podcast, you'll get a new access to love your life, your food, your body on a whole new level, give up caring what people think about you, and have a whole lot more fun in the process. This is an episode you wont soon forget! Links & Notes Connect with Cory and get her "Juicy Orgasmic Living Meditation & Blueprint for Creating Your Juicy Life"  Learn more and apply for Camille's School of Beauty