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How We Went from Terrible Threes to Tantrum-Free: 5 Parenting Strategies that Work



Amelia shares about the shifts she’s made in her parenting approach over the past couple months and how they’ve helped her daughter Lily go from terrible threes to tantrum-free and transformed her relationship with Lily. Amelia is joined by Marla @thedetoxyogi (from Episode 2) as they discuss what were the 5 biggest parenting game changers for her. Don’t have little ones? These strategies are also remarkably effective in relationships with people of ALL ages. They also dive into the controversial topic of screen time and how Amelia’s attitude and approach to regulating screen time for Lily has changed over the past year, and the surprising and almost counter-intuitive outcome of that change. Book referenced: How to Talk to Little Kids Will Listen by Joanna Faber and Julie King Want to stay in touch? Subscribe to Amelia's emails for weekly healthy and sustainable lifestyle inspiration, as well as updates and exclusive offers. AMELIA'S FREE EBOOKS/RESOURCES: MINDF