Living Prana Vida

How to Overcome Fear and Change Your Life (and the World)



Do you want to make positive changes in your life but fear judgment? Or failure? Then this episode is for YOU! Amelia shares personal reflections, psychological and anthropological perspectives and simple but highly effective strategies that will help you step out of your own way and start making real, long-lasting changes. She also discusses how to deal with loved ones who don’t understand or support you, and opens up about conflicts and learning experiences in her own life, such as why her husband Justin didn’t want to raise their daughter Lily vegan and how that played out. WATCH: You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again (Earthling Ed)  Connect with Amelia: Instagram: @ameliakyoga @pranavidastyle Shop: Want to stay in touch? Subscribe to Amelia's emails for weekly healthy and sustainable lifestyle inspiration, as well as updates and exclusive offers. AMELIA'S FREE EBOOKS/RESOURCES: MINDFUL PARENTING: 5 STRATEGIES THAT WORK 7 EASY VEGA