Dustin And Katie Can Read

Teacher's Pet



Katie goes to a writing camp and is stalked by Dustin! No, wait, that's not right. KATE goes to a writing camp and is stalked by something, or someone, with nefarious intentions. Join us as we discuss Richie Tankersley Cusick's "Teacher's Pet". Also known as Point Horror #10, also known as the one with all the weird character names. Special shout out to friend of the podcast, Michael! Thank you for your support! Please rate and review on iTunes, and subscribe on the podcast app of your choice! We'd love some more feedback and you can contact us on Twitter: @dandkcanread, on Instagram: dustinandkatiecanread, on facebook, where we have a forum: dustinandkatiecanread, and we have an email address where you can send us your comments, suggestions, deepest darkest secrets, criticism, and any future book requests: dustinandkatiecanread@gmail.com We love our listeners - please join in on the conversation!