Let's Go Tribe: For Cleveland Indians Fans

Episode 62: Getting sweaty



With Jason officially on baby watch 2017, Merritt joins me for a spring training episode of Let's Talk Tribe that also includes some injury talk, some weird predictions, and some weirder ideas. Sorry about the annoying helicopter sound that appears frequently at the beginning, it goes away and I'm not sure what caused it. Also, please ignore the fact that I messed up the episode number in the intro. But hey, everything is recorded on a shiny new mic! Merritt and I talked briefly, literally as briefly as possible, about spring training. That includes injury updates on Michael Brantley and Jason Kipnis, as well as pondering on Bradley Zimmer crushing a baseball. The meat of the episode comes courtesy of Facebook reader Matt McFee who asked us to predict the Indians' 2021 lineup and rotation. We break it down by position and my team would clearly beat Merritt's. @BlessYouBoys also wants to know if Corey Kluber will quit pitching to pursue an acting career, @MattSchlichting wants us to put weird things in cente