Let's Go Tribe: For Cleveland Indians Fans

Episode 31 | May 13, 2016: Franciscaroni



Just win several games in row... is that too much to ask, Indians? After another back-and-forth week of baseball, the Tribe finds themselves barely clinging to a .500 record. Even worse, some people in the world still don't know what constitutes a good nickname. Matt and Jason and are here to discuss both topics, as well as get to the bottom of Cody Anderson's problems this season (Hint: everything about him has been terrible).  We also welcome special guest Brandon Warne, Cold Omaha's Minnesota Twins beat reporter and someone that Matt has followed on Twitter longer than he can remember. He helps preview the Twins series, complete with a breakdown of just what has gone wrong in the Twin Cities to this point.  Thanks to @hiramboyd and @mikejschaefer for the Twitter questions, as well as Matt McFee on Facebook. If your question did not get answered in today's episode, be sure to check our Facebook page for an archive of Tyler Griffith's live Q&A where he answered some of the ones we did not get a chance to t