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100 - Learn to Speak German - A new Beginning



Welcome to German Podcast.de dem Podcast zum Deutsch lernen.All your mails and comments made me change my mind about the German podcast: I will continue with it!This lesson is not a German lesson, but an introduction. I will continue the next few lessons with text excerpts and exercises from the book Learn German with a story, which you can buy at amazon or lulu.com (link on the homepage), so you might want to order it. Its only 2.5 EUR and available as a download or printed book.Please download the Flashcards with German Vocabulary.Note about the old lessons Please note that there are old lessons from previous years. I restarted the Podcast in the autumn 2009 and the new lessons start with the number 100. Please note that there is a gap in the numbering.The picture displays the famous Mt. Matterhorn, probably the most famous Mountain of Switzerland and some alpinists on their way to climp Mt. Dom, near Zermatt. The Dom is the highest Mountain in Switzerland. I took the picture on my way to Mt. Lenzspitze. Th