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Ready to Rumble!



DISCLAIMER: We recorded this on the Thursday before the Rumble and things were a bit hectic and this couldn't get posted prior to the Royal Rumble...we'll cover the fallout on the next episode of the podcast. Although the Royal Rumble is right around the corner, we first take a look at the happenings on the better wrestling shows of the week - NXT and AEW Dynamite. AEW in particular had some big things going on while on the Jericho cruise...but not to be left too far behind, NXT just put on another really solid show. It's great to have these two shows every week. Not to downplay the WWE main roster too much, we are just about to start The Road to WrestleMania this Sunday with the Royal Rumble - and although RAW and Smackdown have been real hit-or-miss lately, there's always a god bit of excitement surrounding the Rumble, since it gives us a look at what's to come for the next bit. We give our thoughts on the announced matches and try to see how close we get to picking a winner for both the men's and women's R