1 1/2 Jews

The Rock is more than just muscles



wow, the gurls are FINALLY back!  and we would say they're better than ever, but honestly this episode is weird.  if this is the first time you're tuning in, please forgive us.  we need to get back into the groove of things.  ANYWAYS, we discuss @carlyarin's 23rd year of life and what she plans to accomplish and looks forward to in her 24th year.  we reiterate how lovely it is to meet potential suitors in person as opposed to dating apps, but are fully aware it's happening less and less these days (sad face).  and of course, how could we not discuss the new Jumanji 2 trailer and how much we're looking forward to the sequel! coming to a theater near you this Christmas (AHHHHH!!!!).  as always, xoxo,  @one_and_a_half_jews  p.s. HBD @carlyarin