Motel Hell

BDMFT #26: The Best Records of 2015



Dick Fetti is back to gush about all the great records of 2015 including the amazing album "Emotion" by Carly Rae Jepsen, the bubblegum bass/vocal trance classic "Hi" by Hannah Diamond and two fantastic albums by Mikko Aspa. The boys are all over the place and are ready to take you with them. Best of 2015: Am Not - Unpunished CD - Unrest Productions BRAIDS - Deep in the Iris CD/LP - Arbutus Carly Rae Jepse - E-MO-TION CD - Interscope Clandestine Blaze - New Golgotha Rising CD/LP - Northern Heritage Da$h - SkrewFace MP3 - Hz Global Grunt - Sacrosanct Imperium Tape - Freak Animal Hannah Diamond - Hi MP3 - PC Music Ke/Hil - Zone 0 CD/LP - Tesco Org. Polar Inertia - Kinematic Optics LP - DEMENT3D RECORDS 2814 - 新しい日の誕生 MP3 - Dream Catalogue