Double X Science

Einstein, Dr. Oz, and Fluoridation



Welcome to Double X Science for May 24, 2013. This week's hosts are Adrienne Roehrich, chemistry editor, and Matthew Francis, physics editor. Our topics cover posts of the week, We have a special focus on Did Einstein write his most famous equation? Does it matter? and Dr. Oz is worried about your fillings. We also cover Parenting Paranoia Comes in different forms, Creating Viruses to Create the Vaccines?, What causes recurrent UTIs?, and Not Knowing, our I Am Mental Illness series post. We also covered Double X Science Jr posts about Cubes, Pyramids, and More!; StemCellTalks; and Science of Napping (Infographic). News of the week was about the 14-year old girl presenting her science fair project on iPads and defibrillators/pace makers at a cardiology conference. You can find this week's posts at: