Double X Science

Penises, Rocket Science, and Women in Science



Welcome to Double X Science for April 12, 2013. This week's host is Adrienne Roehrich, chemistry editor. We have a double length podcast for you this week. Instead of 2 co-hosts, we have a single host, but discussions with three of the editors at Double X Science about their posts of the week. Our topics cover posts of the week, including McConnell and mental illness and our regular I Am Mental Illness series. Our featured discussion covered Does Penis Size Matter?, Yvonne Brill: she made the satellite revolution possible, The Seven Women in 'Modern Men of Science,' and Stereotype Threat for Girls and STEM. We also covered Double X Science Jr posts about procrastination (a cool info graphic) and the Lazarus Sign. Due to the length of the podcast, we did not cover news this week. You can find the posts at: