Hay House Meditations

Sonia Choquette - Receiving Divine Guidance Meditation



Observe your spirit as a dancing flame in this calming guided meditation with Sonia Choquette, best-selling author of several books including Walking Home. Reconnect with your spiritual teachers and guides as you leave your physical body and let your dancing flame of spirit merge with the infinite intelligence of the divine. The eternal flame of source allows you to see your body as an observer to uncover your feelings about your physical existence. Release judgments, resistance and sadness as you observe from above. The Divine Mother is with you and looks upon your physical being with love, affection and devotion. See your physical body as a holy creation from the Divine Mother. How have you treated this gift? Have you appreciated, cared for and valued your body? Through fresh eyes, you’ll rediscover the joys and beauty of your body. You’ll understand the magnificence of your physical vessel, as it is filled with light and vitality. This free guided mediation is perfect to use when you need a revitalization