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Gardens in the Ashes - Fighting for the Family in the West



An atom bomb has dropped on the family since 1970.--The whole western world loosened divorce laws beginning in 1969. Abortion was legalized in 1973.--Cohabitation rates increased 20 fold since 1970.--The illegitimacy rate increased 7 fold.--Homosexuality was legalized in 2001. And homosexual marriage came in 2015. Now is the time to battle for the biblical family.--But first, we need to know how God defines a family.--What is the importance of covenant---Why must the father be recognized as the federal head of the family---What is the first step to fixing a broken down family---These and other questions are considered with Dr. George Scipione who teaches biblical counseling at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.----This program includes-----1. The World View in 5 Minutes with Adam McManus -Hostile Canadian judge makes pastor stay in jail, Wycliffe is translating Bible in 167 countries, Wyoming, Arizona, Conn., - West Virginia lift COVID restrictions-----2. Generations with Kevin Swanson