Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 209: Katrina of How She Got Free Podcast



On the last stop of Akilah’s tour of introductions to all the hosts on our network, you’ll meet Katrina Monique and hear about her upcoming show, How She Got Free Podcast. Katrina Monique and Akilah have an insightful conversation about what liberation can mean in the process, the many layers that self awareness and healing have, the struggle and joy when Katrina completely embraced herself, what does it mean to live with depression and more.Before that convo, Akilah gives a hint of what’s coming next month with Season 6, and tells you her plan for making sure, as her granny would say, “har eaz nyam grass!”As we reach the end of this love fest, don’t forget to subscribe to all five podcasts! In addition to Fare Of The Free Child, we produce She Said We Shed with Aja; How She Got Free with Katrina; Grief, Growth and Goals with Lou Hollis; Plant It Up with Val; and the upcoming P.O.U.R. (Purposely Opening Up to Relationships) podcast with Leslie Bray.Redefining liberationHow She Got Free Podcast is inspired by