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Sterilizing Technology Undergoes Test On U.K. Escalator



Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. Today’s podcast news podcast is sponsored by Matot Dumbwaiters & Lifts: www.matot.com STERILIZING TECHNOLOGY UNDERGOES TEST ON U.K. ESCALATOR The Airstair escalator handrail sanitizing device developed by Oxonox has been installed as a test inside an escalator at Manchester Piccadilly in the U.K., The Construction Index reported in June. The device works by extracting oxygen and nitrogen from the air to produce plasma particles, which are then applied onto the handrails. The plasma is said to kill and prevent 99.9% of hidden viruses, such as the pathogen that carries COVID-19, and dangerous bacteria. During use, the Airstair continually coats the handrails with the particles, which are applied each time the handrail goes around. The Airstair’s function means escalators do not have to be switched off during the day for cleaning, so passengers are no longer inconvenienced by shutdowns. Image credit: courtesy of Oxonox To read the full transcript of today's podcas