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Efesme Looks To Future, Names Board



Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. Today’s podcast news podcast is sponsored by elevatorbooks.com: www.elevatorbooks.com EFESME LOOKS TO FUTURE, NAMES BOARD During its general assembly held online on June 19, the European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EFESME) reinstated board members and added a new one. Reelected were Massimo Bezzi (Italy), president; Damyan Petrov (Bulgaria), vice president; and Luciano Faletto (Italy), secretary general. They were joined by José María Compagni Morales, coordinator of the federation's Spanish member Federación Española de Asscoaciones de Pequeña y Mediana Empresa de Ascensoristas, who will serve as second vice president. With Morales' contributions, EFESME said it aims to develop additional programs for lift small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Marcel Boutillier (France) was thanked for his contributions as vice president and, previously, president. During the assembly, members said they plan to continue activities aimed at bui