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Singapore To Pay Bonuses To VT Technicians



Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. Today’s podcast news podcast is sponsored by Franz: www.hellofranz.com SINGAPORE TO PAY BONUSES TO VT TECHNICIANS Channel News Asia reports that Singapore's Tripartite Cluster for Lift and Escalator (TCLE) announced in July that vertical-transportation (VT) technicians in the country will receive mandatory bonuses of at least a month’s pay beginning in 2023. The bonuses represent updates to the progressive wage model (PWM) for the sector. TCLE also agreed to extend the existing lift PWM to cover escalator maintenance workers in 2022. In 2018, the VT industry adopted a voluntary PWM transitional wage benchmark, which mapped a schedule of minimum basic wages from 2020 to 2022. This was to give the industry time to adjust. In 2022, PWM adoption will be a mandatory registration requirement with the Building and Construction Authority for all VT maintenance firms. Image credit: by Idyshah for Pixabay To read the full transcript of today's podcast, visit: elevatorwo