Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

258: Returning to Society after Decades in Prison



Today I interviewed Marcus White for the second time. He talks about his adjusting in society after decades in prison. Below is a brief bio he wrote. At nineteen years old the penal system had nearly captured the rest ofmy natural life for gang violence. Sitting in a jail cell paralyzedwith this gripping fear that i'd die in a prison I found myself onmany nights with tears in my eyes as I clung to hope for a secondchance. Fortunately for me that second chance came in the form of18yr. 9mon. prison plea agreement. Overwhelmed with a sense ofgratitude and a new zeal for life, I vowed to use these years tobetter myself. First by ridding myself of the gang infested mentalitythat had enslaved my mind and dictated my actions for so many years.Secondly pursuing personal growth relentlessly, taken advantaged ofall the programs DOC had to offer, and engaging myself in any andevery curriculum I could get my hands on. And sixteen and a half yearslater I returned home with this nagging ambition to execute the planthat I h