Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

256: Transformation from State Prison in New York



Shakoure Char Carpenter grew up in a tough, New York environment. As a young boy, leaders from the streets influenced him. He got sucked into their lifestyle. The friends he chose led him into deeper problems than he could imagine. At 18, authorities arrested him for felony murder. A judge slammed Shakoure with a life sentence. He served 23 years in high-security prisons.   While incarcerated, Shakoure made a commitment to prepare for success. He educated himself. When resources dried up, eliminating funding for prisoners to study toward a university degree, he kept going. After 18 years in prison, he earned his first bachelors degree. Then he earned another, and eventually he earned a master’s degree.   Shakoure is a mastermind. Rather than being traumatized by life term in prison, he found strength from within. He rejected the criminal lifestyle and prepared for success. His podcast describes strategies that empowered him through the decades he served. Now that he’s free, Shakoure works to improve outcomes