Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

195: Savage Eliquid: Vape Entrepreneurs



Savage Eliquid Today I interviewed to extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs who overcame struggle. Chris Wheeler and Matt Winters didn’t have much of a formal education. Problems with substance abuse led them into other challenges, including time in institutions. Despite those setbacks, they put their heads together to build a Savage Eliquid, a vape company that generates more than $2 million in revenues.   How did they do it?   We learn about their 100% commitment to success. We learn about their aspiration of building a business that generates more than $5 million in revenues. We learn about the incremental action steps they took. We learn about the ways that they hold themselves accountable. We learn about the ways that they’ve become aware of opportunities and how the marketplace has become aware of them.   Turns out that building a successful business requires the same type of principled, deliberate decisions that we teach in the Earning Freedom mastermind course. Chris and Matt tell us that if they