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EP 169: Generative Relationship-Building for Entrepreneurs - Peter Mellen (entrepreneur)



The Johari window was created by two psychologists in the mid-1950s as a tool for personal, group, and relationship development. Peter Mellen uses the Johari window as the framework for discussing how individuals and groups act, and how communication and relationships can grow. There are four sections to the Johari window: Arena or Open: This is information we know about ourselves that’s also known to others. Façade or Hidden: This is information known to us that we do not share with others. Blind: This is information we don’t know about ourselves but others do. Unknown, or what Peter calls Generative Space: What neither we nor others know about ourselves. Peter says it is important to expand Arena in order to achieve successful relationships. The more we get to know about the other person, the stronger our relationship would become. These relationships could lead to successful results in groups. As Peter says, “As we grow Arena, we build trust stronger and more transparent relationships.” In the Façade are