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How Do You Recognize a Christian? | Part 7 | Who’s Your Daddy? – 1 John 3:4-10 | Jon Sprouse



Who's Your Daddy? How Do You Recognize a Christian? July 18, 2021 Nobody likes to be wrong. And in a very real and devastating sense, our culture has lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. If you were to say to someone, “What you are doing is a sin,” what they will most likely hear you saying is, “I’m judging you,” not, “I love you enough to tell you you’re headed for trouble.” In our world, the idea of sin has been diluted; and instead of sin, we use words like error, mistake, sickness, faux pas, failure, fault, weakness…or even, preference. Changing the language we use doesn’t alter the reality…our world, and every person in it, is infected with sin. There is no vaccine that can stop it; it’s only growing and will continue to grow worse. But, there IS hope! This week as we continue in our summer series, How Do You Recognize a Christian? we’re learning about the hope that is available for our sin-sick world. We do not have to live enslaved to the power of death and destruction. Victory ov