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How Do You Recognize a Christian? Part 1



The Real Deal How Do You Recognize a Christian? June 6, 2021 Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not…do you know a fake when you see one? From fake grass to fake footwear, fake Amazon packages to fake ID…there’s a “fooler” for just about everything you can imagine. Many of you know of my love for Diet Coke. In a blind test, I could tell you whether the Diet Coke you gave me came from a can, a bottle, or a fountain. I can also tell the difference between a Diet Coke that comes from McDonald’s and one that comes from 7-11. When I travel internationally, I often pack my own supply of Diet Coke in my luggage. In South America, they have a version of Diet Coke called Coca Light. It is NOT the same. But in some locations, I’ve asked for a Coca Light, only to be served Coke Zero. Just for the record, Coke Zero, Coca Light, and Diet Coke are all VERY different! “Same thing!” a restaurant server will say, with a shrug. I beg to differ! Coca Light and Coke Zero are poor “imitations” for REAL Diet Coke.