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The Day No One Believed



The Day No One Believed April 4, 2021 I must admit. I am a sci-fi guy. I love science fiction…from space to superheroes. Just the thought of either sparks my imagination about the possibilities.  OK, I’m not looking to start a fight here, but hands-down, the best superhero is Superman. If you’ve ever watched some of the more out-there episodes of any of the more modern Superman stories, DC Comics has done a good job of building a multiverse…or multiple parallel universes, where almost everything is the same, but not quite. So, in our universe, Superman is the ultimate hero. In another, the same Superman might be evil, or just Clark Kent, or a chef...imagine a world without our Superman. It’s a darker place, no matter how it plays out. Now imagine a world without the resurrection of Jesus. You don’t really have to think hard about how much darker our world would be. Sure, those who call themselves Christ-followers haven’t always represented Him well and have done some terrible things throughout history. But